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About Little Mites

About - Little Mites

Debbie is the owner of Little Mites

What started as a hobby doing markets on a Saturday, turned into a
business designing and manufacturing babies wear and restoring
old baby furniture.

Working from my home, in a specially designed shop, allowed customers
to shop after hours at their leisure.

Sewing, became a hobby again, making garments, curtains or repairs for
friends and neighbours.


After closing my shop in New Zealand and moving over to Australia in 2000, I started in the hospitality industry working in many places around Melbourne.

I managed to bring all my fabrics and ideas to Melbourne with me as a backup for when I wanted to change jobs, or do sewing as a hobby again.

In 2010 I had a company in America interested in a new product I had invented. I paid them to find someone to market, distribute and manufacture, and maybe patent my idea.  After they took all my money and 3 years later, they had not done anything, so I decided to pursue this myself.

My business in New Zealand was called Little Blessings.  I wanted the same name in Australia. Unfortunately this name was not available. I chose a few other names but Little Mites had a nice sound to it, and was accepted for registration.

The birth of Little Mites came about in 2011, however it wasn’t until 2013, that I decided to launch an online store and start selling my designs and products.

I find that the quality of a lot of products made overseas is poor or just cheap and nasty. I wanted customers to be able to have the best quality available. This also keeps jobs in Australia.

I will continue to expand my range as demand requires. Any suggestions are welcome. If you have a special garment you want made for that special occasion, give me a call.





9 comments on “About Little Mites

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thankyou for the nice comments. It’s good to see our work is appreciated.
      Wordpress does all the work, we have just used a template to build the site.
      There is a little (a Lot) configuration, but it all works well.

      This was my first ecommerce store.

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